Adobe Acrobat Pro “Sign In Required” Loop

We installed Acrobat Pro for a user and she had no problems using it for weeks. The program suddenly prompted the user to sign in. My user tried to sign in, but got the sign-in prompt again and again, and the program never opens. I first did a repair installation and that did not help. I then uninstalled Acrobat and installed it again. Before we used the program for the first time, I used the adobe_prtk to serialize the program. I copied the adobe_prtk.exe to the machine and type this command in an elevated command prompt:

adobe_prtk --tool=Serialize --leid=V7{}AcrobatESR-17-Win-GM --serial=YOUR_SERIAL_NUMBER --regsuppress=ss

And this fixed the problem, the user does not need to sign in to Adobe to use the program. Note that the Acrobat version we installed is Acrobat DC 2017. If you have other version, you need to use the right LEID. Please consult this page for the LEID. Also, if you don’t have adobe_prtk.exe, you can download it from Adobe. Please see this page for more info regarding adobe_prtk.

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