Matlab 2020b Benchmark on MacBook Pro M1 2020

I usually run Matlab’s benchmark after setting up a new computer, just to see how fast the computer is. After I got my MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020), I was excited to try out the Matlab benchmark. However, the results are dissapointing.

I first try the 2020a version, it was very slow. Then, I learned that the 2020b with latest update (update 2) added support for Rosetta 2. So, I downloaded the 2020b version with the latest update. The results are still not good.

Here are the results:

From Mathworks’ web site, an ARM version for Mac is in the works. So, before that version is available, I would not recommend buying an ARM Mac for Matlab.

Update 12/21/2020:

I installed Matlab 2020b update 3. The performance is better, but it is still slow.

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