How to Install fsleyes Manually

I recently help a user to install FSL VM on a Windows machine. Strangely, after installaion fsleyes is missing from the VM. There are some possible solutions on the official site. These including re-installing FSL or re-installing fslpython. However, they don’t work for me.

In the end, what works for me is this single command.

sudo /usr/local/fsl/fslpython/bin/conda install -c conda-forge fsleyes

This is assuming FSL is installed under /usr/local/fsl. fsleyes will be installed under /usr/local/fsl/fslpython/bin. You can create a symbolic link so that the FSL GUI can invoke it.

sudo ln -s /usr/local/fsl/fslpython/bin/fsleyes /usr/local/fsl/bin/fsleyes

Does this work for you. If not, you can try the other solutions.

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