Automatic1111’s Stable Diffusion Web UI – AssertionError: Could Not Find Upscaler named []

If you run into a problem with Automatic1111’s Stable Diffusion Web UI(webui) with this error “AssertionError: Could Not Find Upscaler named []”, you can try this fix.

I updated my webui directory very often and run into a lot of problems every time I updated it. The most recent problem I had is this error.

File “/mnt/data/stable-diffusion-webui/modules/”, line 264, in resize
    assert len(upscalers) > 0, f”could not find upscaler named {upscaler_name}”
AssertionError: could not find upscaler named []

When I googled the solution for this problem, I saw someone suggested reinstall webui. It took me a while to reinstall everything. However, it did not work after reinstallation of webui. I still got this upscaler named [] not found error. Then I checked the settings and found that the upscaler for img2img is not selected. I selected an upscaler and apply settings and I am back to business.

Here are the steps:
  • Click on Settings on the top.
  • Clcik on Upscaling on the left hand side.
  • Select an upscaler from the Upscaler for img2img drop down.
  • Click on Apply Settings.

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