Stable Diffusion ComfyUI Workflows Examples

ComfyUI is a node-based user interface for Stable Diffusion, which is a technique for generating realistic images from text or other images. ComfyUI allows users to create complex and flexible image generation workflows by connecting different blocks or nodes together. Some examples of nodes are loading a model, entering a prompt, specifying a sampler, etc. ComfyUI is popular among developers and artists because it is very configurable and transparent. I just started to learn about using ComfyUI, and one problem I have is  the lack of workflows for the default installation. I am creating this post to have a collection of workflows that I can reference readily. This will be work in progress. I will add more as I learn about ComfyUI.

To load the workflow, just drag the image to the ComfyUI browser window.

Text to image

Text to image with VAE

Text to image with VAE and Lora. Note that to use 2 LoRAs, just chain two Load LoRA nodes together.

Text to image with VAE, Lora, and Hires fix

ComfyUI Workflows Resources


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