How to Update SpeedCam File for MioMap 3.3

It’s been a while for me to write something about Mio C230. Some of you might notice the recent posts about iPhone. I have not forgotten about my little Mio C230 yet. It’s just that I don’t have much time to cover both topics.

Anyway, remember that I wrote a post about updating the speedcam file for Mio C230. The file was compiled back in 2007 and it has not been updated since then. I thought it’s time to get an updated file. This time, I’ll tell you a way to generate the file using free download from a web site. As long as the site keeps updating the file, the data should be accurate.

  1. Visit this site. Click on the Download button to download the file.
  2. Click on iGo 8 Text Format on the next screen. Name the file speedcam.txt .
  3. Connect your Mio GPS to the computer using a USB cable. The device shows up as a drive (Mio Device).
  4. Browse to the folder MioMap/MioMap/POI/SPEEDCAM on the Mio Device. If you have previous file in the folder, make a backup and then either delete it or rename it.
  5. Copy speedcam.txt to this location.
  6. Disconnect the GPS. (You might want to do safely remove the mass storage device before you disconnect it.)

The next time you run MioMap, you can see the speedcams on your map.


  1. If you have previously added some customary speedcams, the info is lost if you follow this guide to update the file.
  2. The downloaded file includes both red light cameras and speed traps.

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