Kindle for Mac Available for Download

Amazon has released Kindle for Mac application. Mac users can now access their Kindle book library from their Mac computers. When you first run the application, there is no books on the Home screen. Click on Archived Items to access your library. If you have no books in your library, click on Shop in Kindle Store to purchase Kindles books.

Like Kindle for iPhone, you cannot directly purchase books from within the application. It opens up your browser and takes you to Amazon’s Kindle Store. If you just want to test drive the application and you do not want to spend money on purchasing books, there are actually tons of free books available. Please see this post if you do not know where to look for those free books.

Once you have some books in the Archived Items, double clicking a book moves it to the Home and opens it. You can use your arrow keys or the scroll ball on the mouse to turn the pages. One feature I like about Kindle application is that it keeps your reading progress across different devices. For example, I just read some pages on my Mac and when I open the same book on my iPhone, the application asks me if I want to sync to Furthest Page Read on my Mac. Therefore, I do not have to remember it myself.

With the launch of iPad approaching, it would be interesting to see if iPad proves to be a big challenge for Kindle’s ebooks market.

Kindle for Mac Download Page

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