Blockbuster Brings New Releases to Android, Windows Mobile Phones

Starting on the 24th of March, Blockbuster is bringing its OnDemand service to Google Android and Windows Mobile phones, with the release of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 smartphone. This phone will allow Blockbuster customers to download and view new movies instantly and gain access to queue management and movie locators tools. They are currently working on an Android application for specific Motorola phones. With Netflix and Redbox challenging the company’s business, Blockbuster has directed its full attention to consumers’ mobile phones, with many applications for various phones, including the iPhone.

The difference between Blockbuster and Netflix is the fact that their OnDemand service downloads content to whichever hardware it runs on, while Netflix’s streaming service provides “back catalog” content. Also, the company’s free mobile applications will allow customers to download rented or purchased movies to the handset and protect it using DRM technology.

There are currently no available downloads on Apple devices, as Apple does not allow applications to save movies to their hard drives.

Current iPhone users, however, can expect an improved mobile application with improved remote control options, tools that help them determine Blu-ray store inventory, games store availability, and the availability status for movies in the Blockbuster queue.

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