Internet Explorer 9 Platform Review Available

Microsoft has announced that the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Review is available today.  The download is for Windows Vista SP2 (32bit or 64bit) or Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit). On Vista, Internet Explorer 8 and Direct 2D (D2D) are also required.

Unlike a beta release, the platform review is very limited in the user interface. Browsing is difficult, as the usual back and forward is disabled. The platform review is just for developers to test the new features of IE9. The top features of Internet Explorer 9 are the HTML5 support and hardware accelerated graphic engine. It’s touted as the first browser to provide hardware-accelerated SVG support. The JavaScript engine is also rewritten to improve performance. An early benchmark shows great improvement over IE8, and the JavaScript performance is more in line with Firefox.

Download link:

[via IEBlog]

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