Flash Player 10.1 Silent Installation

Adobe has published the latest Flash player 10.1 which fixes a vulnerability that has plagued the player for a while. The download site for the player is here.


If you want to download the version for IE, use Firefox. Otherwise, the player will be installed automatically. Similarly, if you want to download the version for Firefox, use IE.

After you have downloaded the installation files, you can use the following commands to install them silently.


install_flash_player_ax.exe /install


install_flash_player.exe /install

  • Peter

    Dear Sir,

    Many thanks for your information. I’m searching the silent switch for 2 months.

    Also, the way of downloading the player files does help me solve my problem.

    Thanks you very much.

    B. rgds,

  • Sn3akyP3t3

    Thanks for your help for identifying the correct syntax.

    I’m boggled why Adobe chose to change a very stable and sensible command that exists in many software installer syntax into one that stands outside the sensible spectrum. The installer software is downloaded/distributed with intention of installing. There should be no need to specify “install” since that is the ultimate goal anyway! Retards on parade and still getting paid!

  • robert

    Check out this site. It talks about other options you might want to do. http://easythings.org/easy-things-adobe-flash-player-10-install-and-auto-updates
    It help me a lot.

  • Kristine Lange

    how about silent install for version 11?

    • amida168

      Good question. I’ll find that out.