Office 2010 Installation Notes

Customization Tool

To use the customization tool, do the following:

  1. Invoke an elevated command prompt if you are using Vista and above. For Windows XP, just use the command prompt.
  2. In the command prompt, change directory to where the setup program is.
  3. Type
    setup /admin

    to invoke the customization tool.

  4. Change the settings as needed. When you are done, save the configuration as a MSP file.

To use the MSP file, create a batch file with this line:

setup.exe /adminfile FULLPATH\MyCustom.MSP

Note that you have to use full path in the command.

Silent Installation

  1. Follow the above instructions to invoke the customization tool.
  2. Click on Licensing and user interface under the Setup section.
  3. Check I accept the terms in the License Agreement and make sure Display level is set to None.
  4. Save the MSP file.

Note that if you do not set the SETUP_REBOOT property, the setup program will reboot the machine automatically. Please see the following instructions to turn off rebooting after setup.

Turn off Rebooting after Setup

The default behavior after installation finishes is rebooting if needed. The setup program prompts you to ask if the system needs rebooting. If you have set up silent installation, the program will just reboot the system without asking you. To turn off rebooting after setup, you need to change the setting. However, the GUI interface doesn’t have this option. You have to mess around with properties to change the rebooting behavior. To change properties, do this:

  1. Invoke the customization tool.
  2. Click on Modify Setup properties under Setup section.
  3. Click on Add to add a property.
  4. Enter SETUP_REBOOT as Name and Never as Value. Note that you have to enter SETUP_REBOOT in all caps. Click on OK when you are done.
  5. Save the MSP file.

For those who are interested about the available properties, please visit the following link.

Setup properties in Office 2010

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