Dell Alps Touchpad Driver for Windows 8

I just downloaded the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation today. My test machine was a Dell Latitude D630. After installation, all the drivers were installed. The only problem was the touchpad driver. It used a generic mouse driver, and scrolling was not supported. There is currently no Alps touchpad driver for Windows 8. I tried the driver for Windows 7, and it worked perfectly. Here is the driver I used.

Dell Alps Touch Pad Driver

After the driver is installed, go to the control panel to change mouse settings. You can change the touchpad settings there.


  • Tanmay

    dude, windows 8 supports a lot more multi-finger gestures and stuff which is not available with this generic driver.

    I have been looking for a driver for the same thing but havn’t found one yet. lets see… looking at how popular it is.. hopefully Microsoft will add some support for alps touchpad too..

  • Stef

    Great info to post. Wish I found this easily online. Instead I spent time scouring my files and researching what originally came installed on my Dell XPS M1530 when I got it new. Thankfully I figured it out and now have my nice and easy scrolling feature back.

    I do not like the new Synaptics Scrybe program for Windows 8. All those gestures that end up taking more time than just pointing and clicking with a mouse or regular touchpad. Plus I have never liked the two finger scrolling feature on my HP Mini 210-1070NR. The only feature that is nice on the Mini’s touchpad is the pinch to zoom in/out. But when you have a notebook with a larger screen, I have found that zooming in or out really isn’t an issue. It’s only on my netbook that the feature is needed, as some of the websites I visit load in a small size that is hard to see without zooming in.

    Now my remaining issue with the upgrade to Windows 8 is getting it to recognize the old device drivers for the biometric scanner and the fingerprint reader suite.

  • Gary Katz

    Worked on my Sony VGN-Z790 too..Thanks!

  • Jeremy

    I had tried the above.
    Still could not get the Gesture enable for my M4600.

    Any M4600 user?

  • Alan

    Thank you so much for this. It works for my Dell Studio 1737

    • amida168

      You are welcome!

  • Eric

    Thanks a lot! I was trying to find the originally for my computer but found this and it worked perfectly. Dell Inspiron 1525

  • PJ

    Dell XPS M1530 upgrade from vista to windows 8. Lost a few drivers during upgrade process including touchpad, spent quite a few days looking for a solution on the net until i came across this page, cannot thank you enough problem solved.

  • Uli

    Thank you. it works on my Dell Studio 15 (1537).

  • Jeff

    Thanks, worked like a charm, quite happy I went from xp to 8 on my D630. $40 offer was too good not to pass up. Threw a bigger HD in so I could keep my old one with xp just in case. Now need to decide whether to go from 2G to 4G mem. Of course I have 2 1G cards so need to buy to 2 2G ones. Surprising how much more they cost than the current generation of memory.

  • abhi

    Thank you. it works on my Dell inspiron 1545.