Jailbreaking iPhone 3G

When I browsed various iPhone hacks on the net, I saw the word “jailbreak” being mentioned in a lot of articles. I didn’t know what does that mean at first. Later, I learned that jailbreaking is like unlocking for our GPS, it enables your iPhone to run other programs other than the ones provided by App Store.

Here is an excellent guide for Mac users using Pwnage Tool. Before you go on and follow the instructions, make sure you have backed up your iPhone and sync it’s contents with iTunes. If you don’t know how to do a backup, please read this post.

I filed this post under the iPhone Hacks categories. Because unlike iPhone Tips which everyone can do, the posts in iPhone Hacks are for people with a bit of tech skills and are not afraid of breaking things.

My initial attempt to jailbreak my iPhone was not successful. Thankfully, I have a backup that I can restore my iPhone from. Be forewarned when you try out the procedures.

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