How to Unlock Navigon 2100

I am going to post a series of articles about unlocking and customizing Navigon 2100 GPS. Note that unlocking is a process to enable your Windows CE based GPS to run other programs not intended by the manufacturers. It is possible to run other Navigation software like iGo or TomTom on Navigon if you own the software. However, this blog and the associate forum are not for discussing how to obtain the unlicensed software and maps. Any questions about illegal downloads will be either ignored or deleted.

Release 4.2

This is my first unlock release for Navigon 2100. It’s release 4.2 because it’s based upon my Mio C230 release 4.1. What’s new is My Apps (WolfNCU) which lets you add your own programs to the desktop easily. A skins swticher is also included for you to switch skins for MN6.

Release 4.2.1

A minor update to fix continuous reboot on some GPSs other than Navigon 2100. A functional taskbar is also included.

Other Articles Related to Navigon 2100

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  1. i have a delphi nav200 and i want to run the igo8 on it, i downloaded the full program but it will not open any suggestions? Is a a certain name i have to have for the autorun

  2. Hello,

    I have a PNA Navigon 4310max and I try to run XCSoar on it.
    I copied all XCSoar files to the microSD Card but the system is always starting Navigon auto navigation. Also after hard reset. Do you have any idea to unlock this device or make an autostart for this XCSoar-Software. My Glider Software ‘SeeYou’ is starting after a reset.


    • Hi,

      You have to unlock your GPS before you can run other program. I do not have a 4310max, so I do not know how to unlock it. If you are good at figuring stuff out, you might be able to modify my package for 4310max. Otherwise, you can try MioPocket.

  3. What do you mean with executable? The executable to run XCSoar or an CElauncher.exe?
    I have seen that SeeYou Mobile is working with an CELauncher.exe on the microSD card. This CELauncher is starting SeeYou Mobile over the autorun.exe. Do you belive is will be possible to use this CELauncher an make a renaming from XCSoar.exe -> autorun.exe?

    • You can rename XCSoar.exe to autorun.exe. However, I think it’s better to create an autorun.exe by yourself. If you download my package, there are 4 files in the top level:


      Copy these files to your microSD card. Rename your original autorun.exe file. Then, rename autorunce.exe to autorun.exe and autorunce.msc to autorun.mscr. Finally, use an editor to edit autorun.mscr. If you just want to run XCSoar.exe, delete everything from the autorun.mscr file and add this line.

      Run (“\Storage Card\PATH_TO_XCSoar.exe”)

      Depending on where you put the XCSoar.exe, you need to modify the actual path.

  4. Once I unlock the Navigon 2100, can I use indian maps? I did write to Navigon but they replied negative that they do not have maps of India.

    the unit is lying useless more than a year, can someone help!!!

    • Yes, it’s possible. After you unlock Navigon 2100, you can install other navigation software that supports maps of India. However, I do not know what software you need to buy.

  5. i got a navigon 5100, bougt at yard sale, but i can not unlock it. the password that was giving to does not work. i unable to get of hold navigon,nor by phone or e-mail. can you help me to unlock it,or did i just lose my money. thank you

  6. Will these instructions unlock a Navigon 4310 upgraded from a 2100? After I did the upgrade to the 4310, my arrival time is no longer in sync with what it should be and I figured the only way to fix it was to go into Windows and set the correct time

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