Notes about Sychronizing iPhone and Oracle Calendar using NotifyLink

My work place uses Oracle Calendar for enterprise calendar. It doesn’t have a client for iPhone.  One solution is to use a 3rd party tool called NotifyLink. NotifyLink integrates enterprise email and calendar. You configure the NotifyLink server as a MS Exchange server on iPhone. The company’s web site is here for those who are interested in the technology.

I recently helped a user to setup his iPhone to synchronize Oracle Calendar using NotifyLink. There are some strange issues that I found. The first is the password issues. You have your original email password, calendar password. You also has passwords related to NotifyLink. I found that if any of these passwords starts with a number or a special character, the synchronization is not working. In other words, every password should start with a letter.

The second issue is synchronizing with multiple devices. NotifyLink is designed for syncing a single device at a time. I first tested my user’s account on my iPhone and it worked perfectly. When I tested the same setup on my user’s iPhone, it just did not work. I found that you have to unregister the previous device in order to set it up on a new device. To do it, log on to NotifyLink’s web client.  Expand General and click on Device. Click on Clear Registration to unregister your old device.

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