Creating a New Logo for a New Theme

I have been using this Green Park theme for several months now. Even though it looks good on Firefox, it doesn’t on IE 6. The theme has not been updated since 2007. I was searching for a better and up to date theme for a while. Finally, I picked this theme called PrimePress.

As you can see my old green kombitz logo doesn’t match the new theme. I had to redo the logo again. The design is the same as the old logo, only the colors have changed. If you are wondering how I created the logo, here is the tutorial I have been using. This is a great tutorial showing you how to use the free GIMP tool to create a Web 2.0 logo. I have no problems with the steps except the Step 12. To achieve the effect, I used FG to Transparent gradient and I applied the blend tool to the reflection layer from top to bottom. BTW, the font is 64 points, Bauhaus 93.

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  1. Thanx for posting all of your \bitz\. I check out your blog every week or so and it’s nice to know there’s another resource out there for many topics – not just the C230.

    I may be starting up another blog and if I go to my own site rather than wordpress, I’ll be reviewing the blog you did a while ago when you did the same.

  2. Dan,

    It’s good to hear from you again. If you have questions about migrating your blog, just let me know. I can share with you what I have learned for the process.

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