How to Use SDXL 1.0 Models in Automatic1111’s Web UI

Following the leak of SDXL 0.9 model, the official 1.0 is finally released two days ago. The Automatic1111’s web ui is also updated for you to use the new models. Read on to find out how to update webui and use SDXL 1.0.



  • Click on txt2img tab. Select the sd_xl_base model and make sure VAE set to Automatic and clip skip to 1.

  • Use a prompt of your choice. Set the size to width to 1024 and height to 1024. Click on GENERATE to generate an image.
  • Click on Send to img2img button to send this picture to img2img tab.
  • Change the checkpoint to the refiner model.

  • Use a low denoising strength, I used 0.15.

  • Remove any Lora from your prompt if you have them. Click on GENERATE to generate the image.

Some points to note:

  • Don’t use Lora for previous SD versions. TI from previous versions are Ok.
  • Size cheat sheet.
  • A model titled sd_xl_base_1.0_0.9vae.safetensors is also included in the repo. You can try to download it here. Its corresponding refiner model is here.
  • It’s not very stable, you might have to restart webui often.

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