How to Brighten AI Images Using an Upscaler in Automatic1111’s Web UI

When I create AI images, I often have this problem. Some models tend to generate backlighted images. I tried to change the prompts to avoid backlighted situation, but most of the time, it’s not working well. I recently discovered an upscaler which works pretty well. I am going to show you how to use it.


Txt2img Example

  • Here is an example of using the upscaler in Hires.fix of txt2img.

    Original image

    Hires.fix image

  • If you think it’s too bright, there is a way to control how much brighter you want. See the Extras example.

Extras Example

  • Click on the Extras tab. Drop an image you want to modify in the image box. Select Upscaler 1 of your choice. Set Upscaler 2 to 1x_NMKD-BrightenRedux_200k. Set the visibility to 0.25.

    Original image:

    Upscaler 2 visibility set at 0.25

    Upscaler 2 visibility set at 0.5

Please let us know your experience with this upscaler. Does this fix your images too dark problem? If you would prefer a painting program, you can see this article to use Mini Paint in webui.

How to Edit Image and Add Watermark in Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion Web UI using miniPaint

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