How to Unlock Navigon 2100

I am going to post a series of articles about unlocking and customizing Navigon 2100 GPS. Note that unlocking is a process to enable your Windows CE based GPS to run other programs not intended by the manufacturers. It is possible to run other Navigation software like iGo or TomTom on Navigon if you own the software. However, this blog and the associate forum are not for discussing how to obtain the unlicensed software and maps. Any questions about illegal downloads will be either ignored or deleted.

Release 4.2

This is my first unlock release for Navigon 2100. It’s release 4.2 because it’s based upon my Mio C230 release 4.1. What’s new is My Apps (WolfNCU) which lets you add your own programs to the desktop easily. A skins swticher is also included for you to switch skins for MN6.

Release 4.2.1

A minor update to fix continuous reboot on some GPSs other than Navigon 2100. A functional taskbar is also included.

Other Articles Related to Navigon 2100

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